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About Travis

“Work hard, play hard”


This was Travis’ motto as he was growing into a teenager with his dad’s loving but firm expectation of “Do what you have to do, then do what you want to do”.


Travis Malcolm Selje born March 5th 2000, a humble and compassionate son, brother, friend and student athlete.


In 2005 at the age of five Travis started playing soccer with Surrey United’s mini program. In a very short time it became obvious that he loved soccer. Even at this young age Travis played hard and loved to compete.


In 2012 while participating in the High Performance Academy with Surrey United at the age of 11, Travis was approached by the Whitecaps FC to join their Pre-Residency program. It was at this moment Travis decided to fully commit to soccer. He developed into a strong defender, predominantly playing center back as well as full back. Throughout his time in the WFC Pre-Residency program he was made captain due to his strong work ethic and positive leadership both on and off the pitch. These characteristics also led to him being offered a position in the Whitecaps FC Residency program in 2015. His jersey number of choice was #35, 3 for his birth month and 5 for his birth day. His dedication to soccer showed in his long travel days from Cloverdale to Burnaby Central Secondary School, leaving early in the morning not coming home until late at night all while upholding an outstanding academic standard. Despite changing schools, having a rigorous training schedule and long days, Travis remained dedicated to his friends with his never-wavering smile.


During his soccer life, Travis’ great understanding of the beautiful game, his versatility and courage made him a fierce competitor. He was a beloved teammate always leading by example on and off the field and consistently supporting his teammates no matter the circumstances. His positive attitude without a doubt was one of his best features and you could always count on him to have a smile on his face. For Travis, soccer was not only about the sport, it was his place to connect with people, teammates, opponents, coaches, refs – and as Travis would call them, friends.



In 2016 after a series of injuries, Travis returned to Surrey United playing with BCSPL and to his former Secondary School Lord Tweedsmuir. While playing for BCSPL Travis was selected to be part of Team BC. His trip to Portland with Team BC in March of 2017 was one of the highlights in his life, playing the sport he loved and connecting with his friends. He was looking forward to representing BC in the Canada Games in August 2017. He never made it, his time was cut short.


Tragically, while waiting at a red light on his way home from practice on May 3rd, 2017 his vehicle was struck by a driver fleeing a hit and run and he died in hospital two days later.


TS3 stands for Travis Selje and the #3, the jersey he wore proudly while playing for Surrey United BCSPL. You will often see #35 used in Travis' memory as well which represented the day and month of his birthday. 


Through the TS3 tournament, dedicated to Travis as well as correlated scholarships, Travis’ spirit of positivity, dedication and leadership live on. The TS3 Tournament began in 2019 and is hosted annually by Surrey United Soccer Club and E11even Management in support of the Selje family and the soccer community who grieve Travis' loss.


Travis Selje, an amazing soul filled with kindness and a bright future ahead of him. Gone too soon.


“Players win games, TEAMS win championships”

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