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Sunday June 2, 2024


Surrey, BC

(Cloverdale Athletic Park)

Levels of Play

U8 (2016 Born) - U12 (2012 Born)

House, Dev 1, Dev 2


Boys and Girls



U8 (2016) - U12 (2012)

Registration Instructions

Click on Registration Link

Create an Account (if new)

Click on "Teams and Tournaments"

Select TS3 Inspires Team Registration

Complete registration and check out


Registration Fees

Registration Begins March 15, 2024

Registration Cost = $150 until April 30, 2024

Registration Cost = $200 after April 30, 2024

Registration closes May 18, 2024

TS3 Highlights

  • Memorial tournament

  • Managed by experienced staff and volunteers

  • Quality competition

  • First Aid/Athletic Therapists on location

  • All teams guaranteed three (3) games

  • Per LTPD regulations, no scores, standings, or awards for U8 – U12

  • Fun-filled, community-based soccer tournament, celebrating the life of young Travis Selje

  • MVP award for each team provided with identified criteria

  • Concession and Panago Pizza sales on site

  • 100% proceeds fund the Travis Selje Foundation




For more information please contact us at:





Please review the following policies. Any requests for exemptions to a policy must be received in writing a minimum of two weeks before the start of the tournament.

Important Format Note

Please NOTE this tournament is a small sided, small field event. Games are played 6v6 for all ages on approximate field sizes of 30 X 50 yards (1/4 fields). It's important to note this for U11 and U12 teams as the format is different. 

Refund Policy


Tournament registration fees are due in full at the time of application. Full refunds can be requested and issued, less a $50.00 administration fee, up to April 30, 2023.


From April 30, 2024, no refunds will be issued, for any reason.


Tournament Acceptance/Insurance Policy


As a BC Soccer sanctioned tournament, entry into the TS3 shall be limited to teams, which are properly affiliated with BC Soccer and/or other Provincial/State Associations.


Teams participating from outside of BC must provide copies of approved travel documents, prior to the tournament, for their team/players from the Provincial/State Association of which they are affiliated.


Only properly registered players, in good standing, shall be permitted to participate in the tournament. 



Team Roster Submission and Format

Guest Player Policy


Teams may use the services of a guest player so long as the following conditions are met:


  • U8-U12 players can play on multiple teams, so long as they are not playing down in age.

  • If they are a team from BC and the player is not registered with BC Soccer teams must apply for a Short Term Event Player Permit for them a minimum of 5 business days before the tournament date. For more information and to register please email


Photography / Video Usage Policy


By registering for this event, you are consenting to the use of any photographs and/or video recordings, of any team player(s) or staff member(s), taken by the Travis Selje Foundation, Surrey United Soccer Club for use on our website, social media sites, and/or in any marketing materials. 



Gameday / Rules




Please keep in mind that the spirit of this event is to have fun and compete against other teams of similar ability while celebrating the memory of Travis Selje. We understand that everyone likes to win; however, in the process, we expect that all teams respect their opponents and the match officials.


All coaches must sign in with the tournament staff and collect their tournament package which includes an award for a team MVP. Teams are strongly recommended to communicate the MVP story to their players so they understand what the award is intended to be for and how it links to Travis' memory.




Teams may use guest players (per our policy)


The maximum roster sizes are:


U9 – U10 = 12 players

U11 – U12 = 14 players


Overage players are not permitted (unless written approval has been received from the tournament director). All players must be currently registered with their Provincial or State Association.


ID cards/player passes are not required; however, proof of age of a player may be requested at any time at check-in or by the referee or another member of the tournament staff. 

Rosters are due no later than May 25, 2024 and must be submitted on the form and through the portal / link noted at the top of this page. 




Played in accordance with FIFA laws, distinct U8-U12 rules are at the end of this document.




U8 – U12 will have one referee


If your referee is not at the field 5 minutes before the start of your game, please visit the closest field marshal tent and let us know. 


Game Lengths


U8 – U12 will play 2 X 20 minutes (40-minute game)


All games will have a 5 minute half time.


All games must start exactly on time to maintain the tournament schedule. Failure to start the game on time may require the game length to be reduced accordingly.


All U8 – U12 games can end in a tie (no overtime played)


Game Format


U8 – U12 = 6 v 6   (5 + GK)


Limited warm-up time on the field before each game. Teams need to use the casual field space at the park. Note – leave ample time to get to your game field so that kick-off can be on time




Unlimited for all age groups at the referee’s discretion.


Schedule & Results


Schedules will be posted online only.


U8 – U12.  As per LTPD, no results (scores or standings) kept.




The TS3 has a zero-tolerance policy for verbal and/or physical abuse of any referee by players, team officials, parents or spectators and will take any infraction seriously (potential suspension for the entire event or team expulsion from the tournament)


Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the Laws of the Game and generally accepted good sportsmanship. Displayers of temper or dissent are cause for ejection from the game and surrounding field area. Repeated violations may result in the suspension/expulsion of the team in question.


It is the responsibility of the Club/Team staff to control the conduct of its parents and other spectators. Failure to do so may result in a warning to the coach or person acting on the coach’s behalf.


If unacceptable behaviour persists, the referee may terminate the match.


All participants should be aware that Field Marshals have the authority and right to remove any unruly or uncivil spectators from the game field perimeter and/or the field complex area.


Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are permitted in the park.


Additional Information


All teams are scheduled for three (3) games; however, at the discretion of the tournament director, the number of games may be reduced due to exceptional circumstances. The tournament is not liable for any expenses and no refunds will be provided.


The tournament committee or their official representative will be responsible for any rule interpretation. Their decision will be final.

The tournament committee, event operations staff are not liable for any injuries sustained by any participant in the tournament, on or off the field.




The TS3 will take place at the Cloverdale Athletic Park. See field map information here.


We expect the park to be extremely busy throughout the duration of the tournament. Please leave yourself ample time to travel and find parking.


First Aid


There will be first aid/athletic therapy tent on-site during the tournament.  They are there to deal with basic injuries (cuts, sprains, etc), ankle taping, etc... For any serious emergencies, 911 is, of course, the option.   Ankle taping requires the players to bring their own tape. 




BALL:  The ball must conform to FIFA standards and must conform to the FIFA inflation specifications = Size four (4)


THE NUMBER OF PLAYERS:  A game is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than 6 (6) players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than four players one of whom is the goalkeeper.


SUBSTITUTIONS:  At any stoppage, substitutions are unlimited and must be done with the officials’ permission.


GAME UNIFORMS:  Uniforms must distinguish teams, the home team changes if there is a colour conflict. The goalkeeper should wear a colour that distinguishes him/her from both teams. Shin guards are mandatory and must be worn under the socks. Jewellery is not permitted.




FOULS AND MISCONDUCT:  Conform to FIFA with the exception that all fouls shall result in an indirect free kick. An indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team at the centre spot on the halfway line if a goalkeeper punts or drop-kicks the ball in the air from his/her goal area into the opponents goal area. No cards shown for misconduct. If a player intentionally strikes, deliberately kicks or spits at an opponent, this player must be substituted and will not be permitted to participate further during the game. The coach should inform the player as to why and correct these actions.


FREE KICKS:  Conform to FIFA with the exception that all free kicks are indirect. All opponents are at least five (5) meters from the ball. Also, there are no penalty kicks in this tournament. Any free kicks near the goal will be indirect and the defensive players will be moved to a maximum of 5 yards away from the ball. 


GOAL KICKS: Goalkeepers are not permitted to kick the ball past the hallway line and it is encouraged that they roll the ball on the ground. A ball kicked from a goal kick or punted from a GKs hands over half will be deemed a free kick, for the opposing team, at the centre mark.




THE THROW-IN:  Conform to FIFA.


THE GOAL KICK:  Conform to FIFA except that: it: shall be taken from anywhere within the goal area. Unlike FIFA, a goal cannot be scored directly from a goal kick.  


RETREAT LINE:  The retreat line is initiated when the ball has gone out for a goal kick. All opposing players will ‘retreat’ to the markers indicating the retreat line and cannot pursue the ball until:


  • The ball is received by a teammate OR, the ball travels over the retreat line OR, the ball leaves the field of play


For simplicity, the retreat line will be marked at the 1/2 line of the field. 


See linked Retreat Line Rule Document for a simplified explanation.


ENCROACHMENT OF THE RETREAT LINE:  If the defending team encroaches across the retreat line before an opposition player touches the ball then the referee blows the play stopped and issues a re-take of the goal kick.  If the opposing team repeatedly infringes the retreat line, an indirect free kick shall be awarded from the place where the offence occurred for not respecting the restart.


THE CORNER KICK:  Conform to FIFA with the exception that opponents remain at least five (5) meters from the ball until it is in play. Unlike FIFA a goal cannot be scored directly from a corner kick.

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