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The Travis Selje Foundation is giving out multiple athletic and academic scholarships each year with its future goal to help less fortunate youth athletes participate in organized community sports to carry on Travis' short-lived yet impactful legacy.

The Travis Selje Foundation is a non-profit organization, not a registered charity, and is not eligible to issue tax-deductible receipts.  


About Travis Selje


"Work hard, play hard." This was Travis’ motto as he was growing into a teenager with his dad’s loving but firm expectation of “Do what you have to do, then do what you want to do”.


Travis started playing soccer with Surrey United’s mini program at the age of 5. In a very short time it became obvious that he loved soccer. Even at this young age Travis played hard and loved to compete.


About TS3 Inspires Tournament


TS3 stands for Travis Selje and the #3, the jersey he wore proudly while playing for Surrey United BCSPL.


Through the TS3 tournament dedicated to Travis as well as correlated scholarships, Travis’ spirit of positivity, dedication and leadership live on.


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